Kill Chain Briefs Ep. 3: Stuxnet

Kill Chain Briefs: Stuxnet

The Stuxnet computer worm is a famous or infamous cybersecurity hack known for its infiltration of the Iranian nuclear program. Stuxnet targeted air-gapped systems to affect physical equipment and cause destruction well beyond destroying data. This worm was an ingenious piece of technology brought into the facility through a simple thumb drive. Kill Chain Briefs are short stories about famous and infamous hacks, exploits, and vulnerabilities.

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Kill Chain Briefs are special short episodes covering some of the most infamous hacks, exploits, and vulnerabilities covering the last few decades. We bring you the brief story that helped shape cybersecurity practices and the internet as we know it.

Each week on the Kill Chain Podcast hosts Terry Reinert (CEO of Fleet Defender), Marcus Quevedo, and Kendall Bricko discuss topics surrounding platform cybersecurity and technology. We cover topics such as protecting farm equipment from hackers, how low earth orbit could be the next gold rush, and why you should adopt a zero-trust policy. If you’ve got cybersecurity questions send them to us at [email protected] or check out our contact us page.

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