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& Safety ECU

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Cybersecurity Software For Telematics Users & OEMs

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Real-Time Driver Safety Coaching & Intelligence Dashboard

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Automotive Threat Intelligence and Analysis Center

Neural Sentinel™ Cybersecurity & Safety ECU

Our hardware provides real-time cyber threat detection before security is compromised. Our hardware also includes our real-time driver coaching and safety scorecard application. Like all Fleet Defender products, it is backed by our Automotive Threat Intelligence and Analysis Center. Have questions about fleet cybersecurity? Check out our FAQ for answers or schedule a discovery call with us today.

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Hammer intrusion detection cybersecurity hardware device screen

Neural Sentinel™ Vehicle & Fleet Cybersecurity Software

Built for OEMs and brought to the telematics market, the software-only Neural Sentinel™ cybersecurity intrusion detection system is made to capture anomalous behavior on a vehicle’s network. Neural Sentinel™ software offers intrusion detection and fleet cybersecurity through your existing telematics device. Neural Sentinel™ will be available on your telematics marketplace. Want it sooner? Contact us for a demo and to discuss implementing Neural Sentinel™ on your platforms now.

FORGE: Driver Safety Dashboard & Real-Time Coaching

The FORGE system coaches drivers in real-time through their telematics tablet to help fleets reduce TRIR and reduce the risk of lawsuits. Our safety application utilizes machine learning to identify unsafe behaviors and patterns to provide drivers with coaching in real-time. The FORGE application delivers safety-focused metrics to back office teams so you can identify your top drivers and those who require coaching. FORGE will be releasing soon on Platform Science and the GeoTab marketplace.

FORGE In Cab Coaching and safety application
Automotive Threat Intelligence and Analysis Center

Automotive Threat Intelligence and Analysis Center

All of Fleet Defender’s applications come with support and access to our Automotive Threat Intelligence and Analysis Center (ATIAC – Pronounced Aye-Tac). Our cyber guardians monitor for anomalous vehicle behavior 24/7. Using our proprietary threat matrix, we catalog attacks via your dashboard and will communicate directly with your team should a critical anomaly occur.

OEM & Tier 1 Suppliers

Fleet Defender’s intrusion detection and response technology secures vehicles from cyberattacks for the entire lifecycle of the vehicle, supporting compliance with UN R155. The onboard, software-only technology Fleet Defender has created for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers provides monitoring, intrusion detection, and response in real time. Contact us today to discuss how to integrate Fleet Defender into your next-generation platforms.

OEM and Tier 1 Cyber Defense

Upcoming Products From Fleet Defender

We are actively working with our commercial partners to develop next-generation applications that fit their immediate and future needs. This includes things like predictive maintenance tools, additional cybersecurity solutions, and more.

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