Fleet Defender enables our customers to operate their platforms anytime, anywhere without fear of compromise.

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Defending Vehicles from COMPROMISE

Why Fleet Defender

Fleet Defender is a total platform intelligence system that provides real-time monitoring, detecting, and alerting on safety critical anomalies like cyber attacks, imminent maintenance issues, and unsafe operation of the platform ensuring your fleet and company are protected at all times.


Cyber threats against vehicle systems are a clear and present threat to our critical infrastructure.

Recent Findings

Researchers demonstrated remote take over of tractor trailer braking systems in 2022.


Government regulations are making vehicles less secure all in the name of emissions monitoring and remote maintenance.

Global Threats

US adversaries have capabilities to disrupt logistics, construction, agriculture, and commercial fleets. Our adversaries do not care about causing loss of civilian life.

Market Focus

There is a lack of focus on protecting internal vehicle systems. Current focus is on the cellular link, which is only a tiny part of the overall problem.


Fleet Defender provides a real-time solution for cyber, safety, maintenance, and compliance.

Cyber Protection

Driver Safety

Preventative Maintenance

Regulatory Compliance


Fleet Defender monitors all vehicle control system data for anomalies resulting from cyber, maintenance, and unsafe operation events.


Fleet Defender detects anomalies in real-time and generates a detailed understanding of the event and what caused it to occur.


Fleet Defender alerts our security operations center professionals of the anomaly and provides them with the details required to rapidly respond and mitigate the threat.

Client Investment

Reasonable cost for a high
level of protection


(One Time)
  • ✓ Hardware and installation
  • ✓ SOC integration
  • ✓ Training


  • ✓ Real-time detection and monitoring
  • ✓ Unlimited phone support
  • ✓ Software updates
  • ✓ Industry alerts
Who Needs Fleet Defender?

Fleet Defender protects vehicles across many different verticals and domains

Long Haul & Last Mile Logistics

The top 50 logistics carriers in the US operated 359,596 tractors in 2019.

Construction & Mining

The construction heavy equipment market size is $140B worldwide.


There are over 323,347 connected combines operating on farms within the US.


Both ambulance and fire truck vehicle markets are expected to grow at above 5% CAGR through 2027.


In 2016, one in four armed personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan were private contractors.


The US Government owns more than 650,000 vehicles and purchases more than 50,000 vehicles annually.


Current Clients

We have pilots running with prominent government agencies and massive fleets.