Our data-first applications and hardware products use machine learning to generate real-time actionable insights for commercial fleets, OEMs, and more.

Our Focus

Our initial focus is on the long-haul tractor trailer market due to its immediate requirements. We are launching our executive education campaign in October focused on cyber protection with a graduated action plan.

Our website is interactive with education and planning information for the industry. It is built to educate, support, and protect clients.


The entry point with most clients is a small pilot consisting of 5-30 units.


The next stage for client development is to protect a larger fleet (100+).


The final stage is expanding to our client’s entire fleet of 1000+ units.

Key Advantage

If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck!

All American Solution

US and Allied governments cannot purchase cyber or machine learning technologies from companies in adversarial nations.

Little to no competition

Everyone else is focused on the cellular / telematics interface and not the internal vehicle control system networks.

Experts in the field

We have an immense dataset of vehicle control system network data used to understand everything about how vehicles function and how drivers operate them.

Our Solutions


Neural Sentinel Hardware - Black


Aftermarket Hardware For Fleets Including In Cab Cyberattack Notifications

Neural Sentinel Software - Black


Intrusion Detection And Cyber Threat Monitoring For Telematics Systems

OEM and Tier 1 Supplier


Intrusion Detection And Cyber Defense For OEMs And Tier 1 Suppliers

Automotive Threat Intelligence and Analysis Center logo


Our Threat Intelligence and Analysis Center (TAC) Monitors And Alerts 24/7

Neural Sentinel™ Cybersecurity & Safety ECU

Our aftermarket hardware solution provides real-time cyber threat detection before security is compromised. Neural Sentinel™ hardware is protected by our Threat Intelligence and Analysis Center (TAC) to provide notifications and analysis of evolving threats 24/7. Have questions about fleet cybersecurity? Check out our FAQ for answers or schedule a discovery call with us today.

Fleet Defender Hardware Graphic
Hammer intrusion detection cybersecurity hardware device screen

Neural Sentinel™ Cybersecurity Software

Built for OEMs and brought to the telematics market, Neural Sentinel™ offers a software-only cybersecurity intrusion detection system made to capture anomalous behavior on a vehicle’s network. This telematics-based software offers intrusion detection and fleet cybersecurity through your existing telematics device. Neural Sentinel™ will be available on your telematics marketplace. Want it sooner? Contact us for a demo and to discuss implementing Neural Sentinel™ on your platforms now.

OEM & Tier 1 Suppliers

Fleet Defender’s intrusion detection and response technology secures vehicles from cyberattacks for the entire lifecycle of the vehicle, supporting compliance with UN R155. The onboard, software-only technology Fleet Defender has created for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers provides monitoring, intrusion detection, and response in real time. Contact us today to discuss how to integrate Fleet Defender into your next-generation platforms.

OEM and Tier 1 Cyber Defense
Automotive Threat Intelligence and Analysis Center

Threat Intelligence and Analysis Center (TAC)

All of Fleet Defender’s applications come with support and access to our Threat Intelligence and Analysis Center (TAC). Our cyber guardians monitor for anomalous vehicle behavior 24/7. Using our proprietary threat matrix, we catalog attacks via your dashboard and will communicate directly with your team should a critical anomaly occur.

Upcoming Products From Fleet Defender

We are actively working with our commercial partners to develop next-generation applications that fit their immediate and future needs. This includes things like predictive maintenance tools, additional cybersecurity solutions, and more.

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