Our Focus

Our initial focus is on the long-haul tractor trailer market due to its immediate requirements. We are launching our executive education campaign in October focused on cyber protection with a graduated action plan.

Our website is interactive with education and planning information for the industry. It is built to educate, support, and protect clients.


The entry point with most clients is a small pilot consisting of 5-30 units.


The next stage for client development is to protect a larger fleet (100+).


The final stage is expanding to our client’s entire fleet of 1000+ units.

Key Advantage

If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck!

All American Solution

US and Allied governments cannot purchase cyber or machine learning technologies from companies in adversarial nations.

Little to no competition

Everyone else is focused on the cellular / telematics interface and not the internal vehicle control system networks.

Experts in the field

We have an immense dataset of vehicle control system network data used to understand everything about how vehicles function and how drivers operate them.


A robust product pipeline for 2023

Cyber Attack Detection

Real-time detection of system and network anomalies indicative of a cyber attack against the vehicle.

Driver Identification & Safety

Identify and validate the driver of the vehicle operator based solely on how the driver is operating the vehicle and generate real-time safety ratings.

24x7 Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of cybersecurity and driver / autonomous vehicle safety ratings by Security Operations Center professionals.