Kill Chain Podcast: What It Means Pt. 2

Kill Chain Podcast: What It Means Pt. 2

Did you know that autonomous vehicles have levels? Autonomy ranges from level 0 to 5. Most people operate level 1 and 2 autonomous vehicles every day! On this episode of the Kill Chain Podcast we discuss the different levels of autonomy and what their adoption means for consumers. We touch on each of the levels and how the future will look in a world filled with autonomous vehicles. And of course, we touch on autonomous vehicle cybersecurity and the potential attack vectors in these vehicles. 

Future Autonomous Vehicle Cybersecurity Regulations

The SELF DRIVE Act (H.R. 3711) was introduced by the U.S. Congress and puts forth a proposal that would require standards regarding autonomous vehicle cybersecurity and privacy. It established the federal role in ensuring the safety of autonomous vehicles. The bill preempts states from enacting laws regarding the design, construction, or performance of highly automated vehicles or automated driving systems unless they are identical to federal standards. As a part of the SELF DRIVE Act manufacturers of highly automated vehicles must develop written cybersecurity and privacy plans for automated vehicles they want to sell. The bill, introduced in June of 2021, was not enacted. Though the bill died, it’s a reminder that government regulation looms over the autonomous industry.

Autonomous Truck - Autonomous Vehicle Cybersecurity

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