Fleet Defender Raises $1.2M with Seed Fundraising


Fleet Defender Inc., a Nebraska-based startup that provides critical cyber security and safety enhancements to transportation platforms such as land vehicles, aircraft, trains, ships, and spacecraft nationwide, today announced that it raised a pre-seed round totaling $1.2 million from venture investors across the United States. The pre-seed round closed in July 2022 and the first delivery of Fleet Defender units to United States Government customers shipped last week.

“These funds will be used to grow our engineering and data science team, advance our technologies, and launch multiple pilots with commercial companies and U.S. government agencies,” said Terry Reinert, CEO of Fleet Defender. The pre-seed capital also launches a security operations center that will provide 24/7 monitoring of customer platforms.

“We were very conscious about approaching strategic investors that could help take Fleet Defender to the next level, and we couldn’t be happier about having these amazing investors join our team,” Reinert said.

Zach Fredericks, supply chain and logistics investor with Supply Chain Collective, said the defense of our supply chain is a growing priority for public and private sectors. “As new technology emerges, the way we defend our critical assets has to change with that,” he said. “And we believe that the team at Fleet Defender is developing solutions to do just that.”

Connor Sundberg, a principal at Amplify.LA said his firm is excited to invest in and partner with Fleet Defender as they bring advanced solutions for vehicle security and intelligence to fleet operators everywhere. “The necessity for every company to be able to understand and secure their vehicle assets at scale is growing by the day, as onboard technology advances and threat vectors multiply,” he said. “Fleet Defender’s mission to build a more secure, connected transportation ecosystem is one we’re thrilled to join.”

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