Kill Chain Podcast: What Does It Mean? Pt. 1

Kill Chain Podcast: What Does It Mean? Pt. 1

On this episode of Kill Chain: A Platform Cybersecurity and Technology Podcast we discuss popular buzzwords in the world of cybersecurity and decode them for people outside of the cyber industry. 


What is platform cybersecurity?

We mention platform cybersecurity in the title of our podcast but do you know what it means? What about Kill Chain? The language, acronyms, and buzzwords used in and around cybersecurity continue to grow. We thought it was important to take an entire episode to explain some of the most important concepts and words used in cybersecurity including kill chain, zero-day vulnerabilities, and social engineering. All of these are concepts and topics that all of us deal with every day… well hopefully not every day. 

We define platform as an embedded system of systems or a bunch of computers networked together to accomplish a goal that are embedded together. This includes trains, planes, cranes, cars, ships, tractors, and spacecraft (and more). In vehicles these would be ECUs or electronic control units. Check out minute 4 of this episode for an extended explanation from platform cybersecurity expert Terry Reinert. 

Ready for a deeper dive? Click here to listen to our Pt. 2 of our What Does It Mean series. 

Example of many platforms together.

An image depicting many different ‘platforms’

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