Kill Chain Podcast: IOF Internet of Farming

Kill Chain Podcast: IOF Internet of Farming

On this episode of the Kill Chain Podcast we discuss farm cybersecurity and the ways in which technology is changing the agriculture sector. Hosts Terry Reinert, Marcus Quevedo, and Kendall Bricko discuss the technologies changing the landscape but also creating vulnerabilities for farms and farm cybersecurity as a whole. We discuss the lack of cyber education provided to farmers in traditional agriculture programs and how farmers can bridge the knowledge gap when it comes to cybersecurity.


AgTech is a booming sector across the United States and the world. In our home state of Nebraska, there are innovations happening every day. In this episode, we discuss some of those innovations including autonomous farm equipment and the use of new and exciting technologies like Sentinel Fertigation. These technologies are helping to produce greater yields with less waste. As we discuss in the show our population continues to expand so we need to harness technology to bridge the food-gap. 

Examples of the need for greater farm cybersecurity

These technologies are being rolled out quickly but can be left vulnerable to cyber attack. In 2022 we saw during the invasion of Ukraine the Russian army stole $5 million dollars worth of John Deere tractors. A group of unidentified Ukrainians remotely bricked (made unusable) the tractors to turn them into very heavy and expensive paperweights. While this is good news for the Ukrainians it’s bad news for farm cybersecurity. The cyber threats facing farms continue to expand and there is a need for continued education and security frameworks for the agriculture industry.

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