Kill Chain Podcast: Why Exploit Vehicle Vulnerabilities? For Good or for Bad?

Kill Chain Podcast: Why Exploit Vehicle Vulnerabilities? For Good or for Bad?

In this episode, cyber warfare expert and host Terry Reinert discusses vehicle exploits and vulnerabilities that good and bad actors have taken advantage of. We dive into the CAN bus system used by vehicles to connect the many different ECUs or electronic control units within a vehicle. While this system is rugged it is far from perfect when it comes to vehicle cybersecurity. For years, researchers, white hats, and black hat hackers have taken advantage of these vehicle exploits and vulnerabilities. Hosts Terry Reinert, Marcus Quevedo, and Kendall Bricko dive into some of the well-known and not-so-well-known attacks against CAN networks.

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Interested in learning more about the famous vehicle exploits and vulnerabilities mentioned in this episode? Read more about the famous hack on a Jeep Cherokee SUV by Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek on Wired where the story first appeared in 2015.

Wired story about exploits and vulnerabilities of modern passenger vehicles

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